Studio Details & Class Policies

Studio Details & Ammeneties

WHERE TO GO: Our location has two floors assigned to personal training, semi-private training and group classes. Personal and semi-private training clients will take full advantage of the upstairs space, while group fitness classes will be held down the spiral staircase in the basement level.

FOOTWEAR: We encourage clients to “move the way you were meant to”- that means sneakers are always optional during any of your Redemption workouts. We encourage socks and bare-feet if you are comfortable during training and group class sessions. Please note, during times of inclement weather (rain, snow) we request that you plan accordingly. We will not allow wet or dirty sneakers into our downstairs facility- either bring a separate pair or join our sneaker-free movement!

WHAT TO BRING: Please bring a towel to your workout for your comfort. Reusable water bottles are encouraged, we are equipped with a water bubbler.

HEIGHT DISCLAIMER: Please note, the group fitness studio ceiling height is 7 feet. To our taller folks out there, we will do our best to modify all exercises to get you the best workout in the most comfortable way; otherwise, we encourage you to work in our beautiful upstairs space in either semi-private or personal training (no height challenges there!)

AMENITIES: Our facility is equipped with a downstairs bathroom and several semi-private bathrooms in the shared lobby. Unfortunately we do not have showers at this time.

Class Policy

SIGN UPS: Class sign up will open 1 week prior to the scheduled class. Bookings available through Mindbody and Classpass. All classes are capped at a maximum of 12 participants. Waitlists will be available for all classes. If you join the waitlist and are not added before the start of class time, you can show up and be added on a first come first serve basis.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Reservations can be canceled without penalty if done within 8 hours of scheduled reservation. Any cancellations outside the 8 hour window will be considered a late cancel and will result in a loss of that class from your class pack. Unlimited members will be charged a $10 fee for every late cancel or no show.