We offer expertly designed classes centered around strength, conditioning and mobility. All classes are carefully programed on a monthly progression scheme by our expert personal trainer.



What do you get when you combine strength and conditioning training in a small group environment? Enter STRENGTH, our signature class, programed in a way that feels entirely personalized with ever changing variety. Your goal: move the heaviest amount of weight you can while maintaining good form. Expect your muscles to be challenged with weight bearing exercises and high intensity circuits, paired with mobility exercises using kettlebells, sandbags, medicine balls, bands and body weight.

Class Length : 45 minutes



The perfect compliment to our signature STRENGTH class, SWEAT delivers a high intensity class focused on fat burn and improved conditioning. Expect a metabolically charged workout including high intensity circuits and cardio complexes combined with weight bearing exercises.

Class Length: 45 minutes




A fusion of our two signature classes, STRENGTH x SWEAT combines carefully programed strength building circuits with high intensity conditioning. Expect equal parts STRENGTH and SWEAT in this challenging class.

Class Length: 60 minutes




Work hard.  Train Hard.  RECOVER harder.  In a culture where we are constantly exposed to daily stressors- non-stop work, constant sitting, and daily overdoses of technology- we often forget the TLC our body really needs- recovery. RECOVER is programmed using cutting edge techniques to help you alleviate stress, improve postural dysfunction and just move better.