Nicole Rodrigues, Instructor  Follow Niki on Instagram:  @nikii_rodrix

Nicole Rodrigues, Instructor

Follow Niki on Instagram: @nikii_rodrix

Meet Niki

Hometown: Kinnelon, JERSEY BABY

Current Residence: North End, Boston

Favorite Exercises to teach: Bootie werk, HIIT & Core

Kettlebell or Sandbag: Sandbag

Where can we find you outside of RSC: I like to run. It helps clear my mind and makes me separate myself from my to do list & busy schedule. I’m also a huge nerd and like to read (preferably on a beach), cook and hang with my gal pals especially if they're trying to go out and get jiggy wit it on the dance floor.

Any fun or interesting facts? I swam all my life up until my sophomore year of college when I started teaching X-Fit. I’m a true latina at heart so apologies in advance for my obsession with reggaeton, though I mix it up with some rap and pump up jams :) I'm all about mind, body, spirit and listening to your body- doing what its asking of you. I strongly believe in taking care of the body you live in and loving it for everything it is capable of .