Aly Galvin, Instructor  Follow Aly on instagram:  @alygalvin

Aly Galvin, Instructor

Follow Aly on instagram: @alygalvin

Meet Aly

Hometown: Portland, OR

Current Residence: East Boston, MA

Favorite Exercise to Teach: any mobility exercise- prone scorpions, shoulder CARS, etc.

Kettlebell or Sandbag: Sandbag

Favorite Snack: Does the entire Taco Bell menu count as a snack?

Where can we find you outside of RSC? By day, I'm a consultant for a sales enablement platform. I work with a wide range of financial services clients to streamline their content management processes and automate their quarterly marketing materials. When I'm not at a desk, I'm most likely with my french bulldog Sheila. She is the light of my life.

Any fun or interesting facts? I'm also an indoor cycling instructor, but cannot ride a real bike. You win some, you lose some.